EXO’s Baekhyun Reveals Unique Taste In Women

In , Baekhyun broke the internet with his dating news. The two were spotted in the same car together. When the posts gained some major attention, SM Entertainment made the announcement that the two were in fact dating. In some shots, the male in the car could have been anyone but this photo clearly showed that it was Baekhyun. They said that the two had started off as close friends and had a good sunbae-hoobae relationship but over time that had developed into something more. The two were also spotted looking like they were about to kiss! The news came as a big shock and the couple received a lot of congratulations. Fans continued to watch their relationship grow over the coming year. Eventually the two decided to part ways due to their busy schedules.

Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of EXO

Xiumin: His lips twitch up into a small smile thinking about you, but his voice comes out more serious. Luhan: Hearing the reporter ask about what you were going to be wearing to his movie premiere, he breaks into peals of laughter. Kris: His eyes light up whenever he hears about you, especially when they ask him how the two of you met. There are a thousand different ways we could have met earlier but I think she would have stood out to me no matter what. Suho: Seeing the MC put up a picture of the two of you together on the screen, he sits up straighter in his chair eyes drawn to your face.

Lay: He starts getting really embarrassed when He Laoshi brings up the subject, blushing a little.

EXO’s Baekhyun recently opened up about the type of girl that he would like to date and surprised fans with his unique taste. EXO-Ls have unearthed an old interview where the talented singer confessed about his ideal type.

This exception was evident when the members told the hosts of Party People that they went to a club and drank for the first time since their debut when they visited Park Jin Young on a club-like set. Fans started to speculate about their relationship in October after Kai and Jennie both posted romantic photos in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris around the same time.

However, by January , the romance was over. SM Entertainment confirmed toward the end of the month that the two were no long dating. As for why they broke up, a source told Naver at the time that the two split because of their schedules. The insider claimed that Kai and Jennie wanted to focus on their careers but they ended their relationship as friends. A post shared by zkdlin on Feb 14, at pm PST. YG Entertainment later denied the rumors and claimed that it was created by a hater of the company, who spread false information, according to Channel Korea.

However, the relationship has never gone beyond the imagination of fans.

EXO’s Chen breaks surprise marriage news, hints at fiance’s pregnancy

Last month, they unveiled their sixth LP, Obsession , ending the year — and the decade — with both a new sound and a hint towards what the future will bring for the men of EXO. For EXO, the majority of their musical releases have been tied into fictive narratives revolving around the members and fantastical, sci-fi plot lines, ranging from the extraterrestrial to the supernatural. For Obsession , which peaked at No.

Exo chanyeol and sandara park dating. In a Yes Magazine Interview, Chanyeol admits that Dara is his favourite artist and his description of his ideal type sounds​.

It’s a very interesting read. Chanyeol : Points at himself and smiles Jongdae giving the smart answers. Sucking up to the leader and the main hyung at the same time. Musk is derived from a mammal scent secretion, it has a smell, well similar to like, to put it plainly, sweaty balls. Of course Chanyeol. Roommates stuff. So Sehun’s reason for picking Baek is he’s clean and he smells nice.. Sehun’s reason for choosing Baekhyun tho When I wear them, if I go wash my hands and take them off, I would forget about it and just leave them there.

I get told off by my mum often as well.

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Kpop Secret Full Edition is released! September 04, Kpop Secret is released! Welcome to the real world of k-pop.

There had been rumors going around saying Chen was dating, when suddenly in an interview, all the members where playing an image.

In , Zhang founded a personal agency for his solo activities that serves as a management firm and record label and released a record-breaking autobiography, Standing Firm at His first known acting role was at six years old, starring as Huan Huan in the Chinese television drama We The People. In , Zhang auditioned for SM Entertainment at the company’s global casting auditions in Changsha. In , prior to his debut with Exo, he briefly worked with Shinee during their Shinee World Tour as Jonghyun ‘s dance replacement.

Zhang debuted as a K-pop idol under the stage name “Lay”, which he said SM Entertainment had given to him because there is a character named Huaze Lei who “is talented and likes music quite a bit” in the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden. Early in , Zhang composed and performed the song “I’m Lay” for his solo performance during Exo’s first headlining concert tour The Lost Planet. He also wrote the lyrics for the Chinese version of the song, while the Korean version was co-written by Chen and Chanyeol.

In August , Zhang joined his first variety show, Star Chef , as a cast member. On 18 September, the limited edition of Zhang’s autobiography Standing Firm at 24 was published, while the standard edition became available on 7 October. In January , Zhang and the other cast members of Go Fighting!

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EXO’s Baekhyun recently opened up about the type of girl that he would like to date and surprised fans with his unique taste. According to a report by Koreaboo , because Baaekhyun is well-loved for his vocal range and his playful manner, fans naturally assumed that he would like his potential girlfriend to be sweet and funny as well. With his comeback right around the corner, EXO-Ls have unearthed an old interview where the talented singer confessed about his ideal type. Physically, Baekhyun said that he preferred petite girls who have nice skin and round features.

He also said that he doesn’t consider it a requirement for a girl to be as chatty or as bubbly as him. He said that he is more interested in women who pay attention to him and laugh at his jokes.

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Since his debut with EXO, Sehun has immediately become a public spotlight and has the most fans compared to other members. He does have a handsome face, white skin, and his very gentle attitude makes him very kind towards his fans. In several interviews he had revealed his ideal type of woman, he had even been rumored to be dating another female idol. In an interview, he once revealed his ideal type.

Sehun loves a girl who is sincerely worried about him. Physically, he likes a girl with round eyes, pale skin, and a naturally good scent; someone who looks clean and innocent. He also said that his ideal type of woman should have a bubbly personality. As far as appearance is concerned, the ideal type is someone with pale skin, smells good, and also has round eyes.

She must be clean and also innocent. He also wants his ideal girl to take care of him when he is hurt. Her ideal height would be between cm and her weight should be around 43 kg. However, recently Sehun revealed his most recent type of ideal woman. In an interview, he revealed his ideal type of woman. I do care about clothing… Yes, I care Uhm… about putting on slippers, looking sloppy — so you need to pay careful attention to clothing such as t-shirts, pants , and other things.

EXO’s D.O Talks About How He Wishes He Could Date

What type of girls do you like? Nice body figure, good-looking, elegant and glamorous, princess type. Most importantly she has a bright and kind personality. I like girls who are quiet, not too provocative but still have a type of aura that is attractive to me. The most romantic thing you did is what? For example, on birthdays, I will not only give her a cake and presents, I will also bring her to the beach to spend a memorable birthday together and give her a special surprise.

feb – EXO’s D.O reveals that he really wishes to date, just can’t at the moment. During an interview with TV Report, D.O talks about his first main.

More than anyone else, they are spending their time busily. In writing, we asked the three questions the fans were most curious about and listened to their answers. DO NOT add yourself to the credits. Don’t repost on Tumblr please. I want to go to a quiet place and have time to myself. I want to empty my head and start with a new heart.

Sehun I want to go home to meet my parents. I also want to go on a backpacking trip by myself as well.

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