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Best wishes! BC policy prohibits it. Or that he was really not interested? We have some terrific parks and hiking areas near Boston; they are free or inexpensive, and with spring weather on the way, they could provide a very romantic setting. Take advantage of some museum freebies available through BC: bit. Great idea! Boston Common can be lovely in the Spring; bulbs are just starting to come up. Where should I take a girl that I like to a date? In a pinch, ice skating on the Boston Common Frog Pond sounds dreamy.

One Way to Encourage Checking-Out at the Library

This article is reprinted by permission from NextAvenue. For single older adults today, some libraries offer far more than books as windows into the soul. To meet the needs and demands of boomers nationwide who are looking to make actual soul connections, some librarians are now moonlighting as matchmakers. An increasing number of local libraries serve as portals to the dating world, both in-person and virtually, through online dating workshops and ongoing personal and tech support.

Williams recently proposed the course to several other branches, hoping to reach more isolated older adults interested in meeting others. Once again, her initiative was a success: Three neighboring town libraries have now hired her to present the class to their patrons.

25th Annual Luminary Festival. Join us for our 25th Annual Luminary Festival on Friday, November 22! Stroll through the beautiful candlelit streets as 1,

While many are finding each other on Meetup. It was such an amazing experience — many attendees were extremely grateful and prompted me to run the same type of program on a weekly basis. It was a dream! In regular speed dating the men sit on one side of the table and never move, while the women shift over one seat each time. But in that scenario, each person only matches with half of the attendees.

I needed everyone to match with each other — regardless of gender! The way to get around this problem is to have one person sit in the same seat for the entire process, while everyone else shifts one seat over and ropes around the tables. I decided option c would be the least awkward and identified the trio spots by placing little stars at the seat. Everyone still moved over one seat each round like usual, but they occasionally found themselves in a trio instead of one-on-one.

Have a name tag ready to hand them, and give a quick overview of how it works. They can wait until the next round and jump in.


Janet is hoping to find that special someone to marry but, at age 61, finding love comes with some challenges. A new program launched this week at the Kamloops library, however, may help her and anyone over the age of 50 years old get back into the swing of being single and dating. Janet, who asked for her last name to not be published, was one of nearly 30 adults at the Dating Over 50 workshop hosted by the Thompson-Nicola Regional Library last night, Jan.

Online Dating p.m. Lake Villa District Library, N. Munn Road,, Lindenhurst. Free. () If you’ve considered.

Learn how librarians can maximize their graphic novel collections as a transformative tool to renovate traditional practices, promote readership, and ignite collaboration. Already a subscriber? Learn how to become a subscriber here. Reviews Roundup: Imaginative Reads. The world around us may be filled with limiting uncertainty, but you can still embark on a new and exciting inner journey through the timeless power of storytelling.

The SLC Reviews Team wants to help set the stage for your next foray into mental travel with a list of highly imaginative reads.

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Geologist Ralph Harvey and historian Mott Greene explain the principles of radiometric dating and its application in determining the age of Earth. As the uranium in rocks decays, it emits subatomic particles and turns into lead at a constant rate. Measuring the uranium-to-lead ratios in the oldest rocks on Earth gave scientists an estimated age of the planet of 4.

Can you find love at the Riverhead Library??? Calling all singles, 18 and over, to join us for our first Speed Dating event on Valentine’s Day!

There is no exhibition today. View upcoming exhibitions. There are no events today. View upcoming events. Today marks 51 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality through The Sexual Offences Act , and we are pleased to announce that, as part of our e-resources, you can now access over 1. There’s a wealth of primary source material, digitised from the archives of organisations and library collections and includes gay and lesbian newspapers from more than 35 countries, reports, policy statements, and other documents related to gay rights and health, including the worldwide impact of AIDS, materials tracing LGBTQ activism in Britain from through , and more.

The e-resource will allow researchers from all levels to explore the social and political change for LGBTQ communities in the 20th century spanning from to , with the bulk from to Four collections are sourced from the Lesbian Herstory Archives, the largest lesbian-focused archives in the world; two are sourced from the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society.

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Speed Dating @ Your Library. The result is a rounded picture of each member, which helps us deliver reliable, fruitful events every time. We take the utmost.

A Study about Dating and Dating Factors. Jessica Allen , University of South Dakota. This Honors Thesis discusses the historical and present-day patterns of dating and dating factors. Dating has evolved throughout the years, and the factors women seek in potential partners have also shifted. The question this Honors Thesis plans to examine is; what are the current factors women seek in potential partners, and what possibly could have caused the various shifts in dating factors.

These questions are examined by researching historical surveys and patterns from the s to present-day. Starting in , the thesis looks at the factors women in college looked for in a potential partner. The goals of dating or the purpose of dating are examined to see why women date. Wars and social movements are examined in this thesis as possible causes for the shift in dating norms.

The analysis portion of this thesis will inform the reader how the dating atmosphere has shifted throughout history, and what the current factors and goals are for present-day college women. A Study about Dating and Dating Factors”

Short Stories and Short Dates – Speed Dating Book Club

Among them was Jeremiah Lee, a year-old software engineer who said he had not stepped foot in a public library in years. Lee, who wore a dark purple fleece and blue jeans for the occasion. Then the men rotated, book in tow, to the next woman. Later, librarians would tally scorecards and connect any two people who indicated mutual interest. Is attraction possible between a Jonathan Franzen reader and a die-hard Elizabeth Gilbert fan? Those are the types of questions librarians are starting to field.

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By Anne Ford November 1, Social norms change, life events like divorce and death leave emotional scars, and it sometimes feels as if the rest of the world has already paired off. Several public libraries have begun offering programs that help older patrons safely and effectively meet potential partners on the internet.

Among those are Westport Conn. Public Library, Skokie Ill. Public Library, and Billings Mont. Public Library. Darien Conn.

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Some of you may remember when we had a bowling alley in the building. Of course, people remember legends like Tom Butler. The digital archive dates back to

You could ask someone out on a date and bring another couple to a program at the Midwest Gen.

Have you ever wished you could have just one hour to mingle with the best programming librarians, see samples of their finest events, and ask them how they did it? Ten programming librarians gave lightning talks about some of their most successful programs while approximately 80 attendees table-hopped to hear as much as they could in one hour. For those who missed this event at the conference or were ALALeftBehind, here are a sampling of ideas to inspire you.

Princeton Public Library shared their daylong exploration of genealogy resources called Research Your Roots , featuring three experts on genetics and genealogy. Gayle Stratton, who shared this program, also gave some tips on cutting costs for smaller libraries, including not catering lunch and finding local experts instead of hosting one from out of town.

York County Library discussed their LibraryCon , which featured author panels and book signings, artists and vendors, game demonstrations and a cosplay contest. While Zoeanne Jarrells was able to plan this entire event at no cost to her library, she did partner with local businesses and gathered donations for prizes.

Drama-Free Dating with Lisa Anderson