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Uriah Heep
Зарубежные исполнители

Very 'Eavy, Very 'Umble

1. Gypsy
2. Walking In Your Shadow
3. Come Away Melinda
4. Lucy Blues
5. Dreammare
6. Real Turned On
7. I'll Keep On Trying
8. Wake Up (Set Your Sights)


9. Bird Of Prey
10. The Park
11. Time To Live
12. Lady In Black
13. High Priestess
14. Salisbury

Look At Yourself

15. Look At Yourself
16. I Wanna Be Free
17. July Morning
18. Tears In My Eyes
19. Shadows Of Grief
20. What Should Be Done
21. Love Machine

Demons And Wizards

22. The Wizard
23. Traveller In Time
24. Easy Livin'
25. Poet's Justice
26. Circle Of Hands
27. Rainbow Demon
28. All My Life
29. Paradise
30. The Spell

The Magician's Birthday

31. Sunrise
32. Spider Woman
33. Blind Eye
34. Echoes In The Dark
35. Rain
36. Sweet Lorraine
37. Tales
38. The Magician's Birthday


39. Introduction
40. Sunrise
41. Sweet Lorraine
42. Traveller In Time
43. Easy Livin'
44. July Morning
45. Tears In My Eyes
46. Gypsy
47. Circle Of Hands
48. Look At Yourself
49. The Magician's Birthday
50. Love Machine
51. Rock 'n' Roll Medley: Roll Over Beethoven; Blue Suede Shoes; Mean Woman Blues; Hound Dog; At The Hop; Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On; Blue Suede Shoes

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