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Увеличить: Зарубежные исполнители Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy
Зарубежные исполнители

1. I Left My Blues In San Francisco
1. Keep It To Myself
2. Crazy Love (Crazy Music)
3. I Suffer With The Blues
4. When My Left Eye Jumps
5. Buddy's Groove
6. Goin' Home
7. She Suits Me To A T
8. Leave My Girl Alone
9. Too Many Ways
10. Mother-In-Law Blues
11. Every Girl I See

2. A Man And The Blues
1. A Man And The Blues
2. I Can't Quit The Blues
3. Money (That's What I Want)
4. One Room Country Shack
5. Mary Had A Little Lamb
6. Just Playing My Axe
7. Sweet Little Angel
8. Worry, Worry
9. Jam On A Monday Morning

3. This Is Buddy Guy!
1. I Got My Eyes On You
2. The Things I Used To Do
3. Fever
4. Knock On Wood
5. I Had A Dream Last Night
6. 24 Hours Of The Day
7. You Were Wrong
8. I'm Not The Best

4. Buddy & The Juniors
1. Talkin' 'Bout Women Obviously
2. Riffin'
3. Buddy's Blues
4. Hoochie Coochie Man
5. Five Long Years
6. Rock Me Mama
7. Ain't No Need

5. Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Play The Blues
1. A Man Of Many Words
2. My Baby She Left Me
3. Come On In This House / Have Mercy Baby
4. T-Bone Shuffle
5. A Poor Man's Plea
6. Messin' With The Kid
7. This Old Fool
8. I Don't Know
9. Bad Bad Whiskey
10. Honeydripper

6. Drinkin'TNT'N'Smokin'Dynamite
1. Introduction
2. Ah'w Baby / Everything Gonna Be Alright
3. How Can One Woman Treat A Man So Mean?
4. Checking On My Baby
5. Introduction
6. Ten Years Ago
7. Messin' With The Kid
8. Hoodoo Man Blues
9. My Younger Days

7. Breaking Out
1. You Can Make It If You Try
2. Break Out All Over You
3. She Winked Her Eye
4. You Called Me In My Dream
5. Me And My Guitar
6. Ice Around My Heart

8. First Time I Met The Blues
1. First Time I Met The Blues (live version)
2. Stick Around
3. Don't Know Which Way To Go
4. This Is The End
5. You Sure Can't Do
6. Try To Quit You Baby
7. Sit And Cry (The Blues)
8. Drinkin' Muddy Waters

9. My Time After Awhile
1. A Man And The Blues
2. I'm Ready
3. The Things I Used To Do
4. Stormy Monday Blues
5. You Give Me Fever
6. My Time After Awhile
7. Five Long Years
8. It Hurts Me Too (When Things Go Wrong)
9. 24 Hours Of The Day
10. One Room Country Shack
11. Checking On My Baby
12. Hello San Francisco
13. So Sad This Morning

10. The Complete Chess Studio Sessions
1. First Time I Met The Blues
2. Slop Around
3. I Got My Eyes On You
4. Broken Hearted Blues
5. Let Me Love You Baby
6. I Got A Strange Feeling
7. Gully Hully
8. Skippin'
9. Baby, Baby, Baby
10. My Love Is Real
11. Buddy's Boogie
12. Worried Mind
13. (Untitled Instrumental)
14. Moanin'
15. I Dig Your Wig
16. My Time After Awhile
17. Night Flight
18. Crazy Love (Crazy Music)
19. Every Girl I See
20. Too Many Ways
21. Leave My Girl Alone
22. Got To Use Your Head
23. Keep It to Myself
24. My Mother
25. She Suits Me To A T
26. Mother-In-Law Blues
27. Buddy's Groove
28. Going To School
29. I Cry And Sing The Blues
30. Goin' Home
31. I Suffer With The Blues
32. My Time After Awhile [alternate vocal and mix]
33. Too Many Ways [alternate with background vocal]
34. Keep It To Myself [alternate with organ overdub]
35. Stone Crazy

11. Feels Like Rain
1. I Go Crazy
2. Some Kind Of Wonderful
3. Sufferin' Mind
4. Change In The Weather
5. I Could Cry
6. Mary Ann

Издатель (локализатор) в России: РМГ Рекордз

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