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Genesis CD3
Зарубежные исполнители

1. Three Sides Live
1. Turn It On Again
2. Dodo
3. Abacab
4. Behind The Lines
5. Duchess
6. Me & Sarah Jane
7. Follow You Follow Me
8. Misunderstanding
9. Medley: In The Cage; Cinema Show; The Colony Of Slippermen
10. Afterglow
11. One For The Vine
12. The Fountain Of Salmacis
13. Medley: It / Watcher Of The Skies
2. Genesis
1. Mama
2. That's All
3. Home By The Sea
4. Second Home By The Sea
5. Illegal Alien
6. Taking It All Too Hard
7. Just A Job To Do
8. Silver Rainbow
9. It's Gonna Get Better
3. Invisible Touch
1. Invisible Touch
2. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
3. Land Of Confusion
4. In Too Deep
5. Anything She Does
6. Domino: Part I (In The Glow Of The Night); Part II (The Last Domino)
7. Throwing It All Away
8. The Brazilian
4. We Can't Dance
1. No Son Of Mine
2. Jesus He Knows Me
3. Driving The Last Spike
4. I Can't Dance
5. Never A Time
6. Dreaming While You Sleep
7. Tell Me Why
8. Living Forever
9. Hold On My Heart
10. Way Of The World
11. Since I Lost You
12. Fading Lights
5. I Can't Dance & Jesus He Knows Me (Live USA)
1. Domino: Part I (In The Glow Of The Night); Part II (The Last Domino)
2. Taking It All To Hard
3. Tonight, Tonight
4. Supper's Ready
5. Invisible Touch
6. Land Of Confusion
7. Throwing It All Away
8. No Son Of Mine
9. Driving The Last Spike
10. Dreaming While You Sleep
11. Fading Lights
12. Jesus He Knows Me
13. I Can't Dance
6. Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol.1 (The Shorts)
1. Land Of Confusion
2. No Son Of Mine
3. Jesus He Knows Me
4. Throwing It All Away
5. I Can't Dance
6. Mama
7. Hold On My Heart
8. That's All
9. In Too Deep
10. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
11. Invisible Touch
7. Genesis Live: The Way We Walk, Vol.2 (The Longs)
1. Old Medley: Dance On A Volcano; Lamb Lies Down On Broadway; The Musical Box; Firth Of Fifth; I Know What I Like
2. Driving The Last Spike
3. Domino: Part I (In The Glow Of The Night); Part II (The Last Domino)
4. Fading Lights
5. Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea
6. Drum Duet

Издатель (локализатор) в России: РМГ Рекордз

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